Good hygiene

Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to colleagues’ germs

Posted on: September 1st 2017    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

Around 140 million working days are lost to sickness absence across the UK each year, with colds, flu and gastric illnesses topping the table of causes. Much of the time people are contagious before they have any symptoms, unintentionally spreading the illness further. And this is exacerbated by the trend of ‘presenteeism’ when people come […]

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Cleanliness is next to productiveness!

Posted on: July 1st 2017    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

We’ve all worked with someone whose workspace resembles the filthiest of student digs. Dirty coffee cups, plates and crusty soup bowls vie for space with used tissues, unread trade magazines and stacks of documents waiting to be looked at. Thankfully the office cleaners usually sort out the worst of the mess at the end of […]

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