Hotel Electronics Cleaning

Housekeeping staff are often under time pressure to diligently detox multi user electronic points in hotel rooms, including TVs, remotes, aircon, keyboard, screens and telephone handsets. techclean will work alongside housekeeping staff to ensure the slick, uninterrupted service of guest rooms.

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Hotel TV Remotes

Computer cleaning services in your hotel

Hotels have busy public lobby areas and conference rooms to look after. Lift controls, kitchen electronic controls, business lounges with desktops & screens are all touched by hundreds of guests’ hands every day. Conference equipment such as projectors, LCD screens and remote controls become a haven for germs if not cleaned correctly.

techclean staff are trained to sanitise these areas with the minimum of fuss and maximum attention to detail. Our staff are also DBS checked and conscientious, so are well-suited to provide the impeccable standards demanded of an IT equipment cleaning service in a hotel environment.

Sanitisation of gym equipment

Gym equipment at your hotel

Gym staff routinely wipe down and monitor the equipment – that’s normal, good gym etiquette. However, a deeper, more thorough routine sanitisation of equipment (particularly on treadmills and cycles control panels) is part of good gym best practice.

techclean hygienists apply our own, exclusive Byoclean product.

Byoclean is non-toxic, safe to use in the workplace and independently tested on IT equipment within the NHS. With anti-microbial properties that are proven to kill and control bacteria, mould and fungi, Byoclean also forms an invisible protective barrier that continues to protect gym equipment from germs for days after application.

"Hotels, Gyms & Kitchens need no introduction to good, in-house hygiene policy. Keypads on treadmills, Cycles, changing & front door room security quickly absorb sweat from users. Ensure your staff & customers are protected by regularly sanitising multi user keypad control areas"

Graham - Owner of Techclean Scotland

Office Cleaning

Why should Techclean visit your hotel?

We have been carrying out specialist IT equipment cleaning services in the workplace since 1983. Backed up by a national network of branches across the UK, we specialise in the deep cleaning & sanitising work upon all types of electronic equipment found in a hotel, conference & banqueting venue. Examples include:

  • AV equipment
  • Lift controls
  • Gym equipment
  • PCs in lobby areas
  • TV & remotes in rooms
  • Telephones
  • Bar area EPOS
  • ATMs

Audited work

Your tech equipment is delicately, professionally handled. We audit our processes and are proud to be ISO9001:2015 and Safecontractor accredited.

24 hour service

We have rigorous risk assessments – meaning can work around guests and in tandem with your housekeeping staff.

Report form 

We provide a post-job advisory notice, highlighting any ‘need-to-knows’ we’ve discovered on site  

DBS checked staff

You’ll have a designated on site point of contact (and off site account manager too).

Safecontractor accredited

SafeContractor accredited

All of our Operatives are trained to a very high level of competence. We are ISO9001:2015 and SafeContractor accredited and we regularly audit our processes to ensure the highest standard of work.

Our unique cleaning fluids and equipment have been developed over the last 33 years to cleanse (and then to protect) our clients’ IT equipment. We use a range of products that are specifically designed to provide customers with a high quality service.

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