Retail Computer Cleaning

Keep your tills, cash registers and self-serve electronic point of sale (EPOS) clean with specialist IT cleaning services from techclean

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Retail Computer Cleaning

Deep cleaning of your electronic retail equipment

The only goal for any retailer is to increase footfall and sales – a pleasant customer experience (once the customer is inside the venue) is clearly helps. Keeping your store clean and tidy at all times adds to customer experience. Which customer wants to press dirty machines when weighing their fruit? Or paying for a clean dining set but pressing a dirty credit card terminal? Techclean not only makes electronic looks clean, but our exclusive byoclean products – when properly applied – actually ensure a continuing detox film stays in situ to prevent germs settling

Disinfecting EPOS equipment

Disinfecting EPOS equipment

In the retail industry, tills, cash registers and self-serve electronic point of sale (EPOS) for retailers are high traffic areas for human hands.

Handling cash, cards and a customer’s new purchases (including consumable food)  mean that keypads on EPOS equipment accumulate & harbour germs and dust quickly. Ensure your staff & customers are protected by regularly disinfecting EPOS areas.

"Modern retail environments involve multiple electronic points of sale, measuring equipment (such as fruit scales in supermarkets), computers, ordering devices for waiters – a long list. In each case, it involves the quick handling of hands to machine to consumer product. Routine sanitising is proving increasing standard in this sector"

Susan, Manager of Techclean South Wales


Why Techclean for retail?

Since 1983, techclean safely applies detergents to not only makes electronic items look clean, but our exclusive byoclean product – when properly applied – actually ensure a continuing detox film stays bound to surfaces and preventing germs from settling. Items in the retail environment:

  • PCs (keyboard, monitor, mouse & CPU)
  • Tills & Cash registers
  • Touchscreen EPOS
  • Touchscreen ordering
  • Mobile devices such as tablets and laptops
  • Telephones
  • ATMs

Audited work

Your tech equipment is delicately, professionally handled. We audit our processes and are proud to be ISO9001:2015 and Safecontractor accredited.

24 hour service

We have rigorous risk assessments – meaning can work after the shutters come down

Report form

We provide a post-job advisory notice, highlighting any ‘need-to-knows’ we’ve discovered on site.

Account manager

You’ll have a designated on site point of contact (and off site account manager too for multiple site brands).

Safecontractor accredited

SafeContractor accredited

All of our Operatives are trained to a very high level of competence. We are ISO9001:2015 and SafeContractor accredited and we regularly audit our processes to ensure the highest standard of work.

Our unique cleaning fluids and equipment have been developed over the last 33 years to cleanse (and then to protect) our clients’ IT equipment. We use a range of products that are specifically designed to provide customers with a high quality service.

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