Professional computer cleaning, office IT equipment & data centre cleaning

Techclean are the UK’s leading expert in specialist computer cleaning, IT equipment cleaning & data centre cleaning.

Our eight branches are located all across the UK from Scotland to the South West of England. They provide a UK wide computer cleaning service that keeps our customers computers, keyboards, telephones and other computer equipment clean and hygienic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) triggered a surge in bookings for Techclean’s PC, Mac and desktop cleaning services, as well as its deep cleaning and Dry Misting treatments. Our priority is always to help staff and businesses keep their office workplaces as healthy as possible.

Techclean offers audited, tested and certified cleaning solutions applied to business critical pieces of IT kit. We adapt our service for clients with as few as 10 workstations to those that have 2000+.

If you’re interested in learning more about our computer cleaning services and how we can help keep fight the office germs, call your local Techclean specialist today for more information.

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Specialist Desktop IT & PC Cleaning

Your Desktop IT equipment (screens, keyboards, phones, mouse) - along with the staff who use the equipment - are the very components that keeps your company functioning/selling/supplying every single day. It therefore makes good business sense to keep Desktop IT clean, free from dust/dirt/bacteria and in good working condition.

Clean Desktop IT means less breakage & downtime, helps reduce staff sickness and reduces disposability (i.e throwaway of kit). Clean equipment works better, for longer.

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Professional Server Room Cleaning

A Data Room, Server Room or Comms Room is just about the most business critical room in any business. Without functioning systems and phones, business temporarily grinds to a halt. Dust & particle decontamination, server/cabinet/rack/cabling cleaning plus floor & ceiling deep cleans are part of techclean’s thorough service which have attained ISO 9001 status.

We have a dedicated Data Centre clean team – experienced in working at large Co-Location centres and security sensitive sites.

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Dry Misting Treatment

Safe to use, clinically prove and Eco-Friendly, the misting solution can disinfect a workspace in minutes. Eco Mist dry misting products contain zero harmful substances (such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide) and the process requires no damp/steam – which clearly will erode electronic & IT equipment.

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Reduce The Spread Of COVID-19

The route to peace of mind with meeting your obligations as an employer of office-based staff is to approach your cleaning as a safety solution, rather than simply keeping a smart professional office.

We know that bringing your workers back into the office in the era of Covid is worrying. Gain peace of mind by choosing Techclean.

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Trained Clean Team

Our regional clean teams are specialists. Trained, regularly upskilled, DBS checked & earning at least the Living Wage status – they’re part of techclean. Casual/Agency staff used only for large/rapid jobs.

Our Client List

Financial Services, Public Sector, SMEs – we adapt our service for clients with as few as 10 desktop workstations to Data Centres over 2000m2 in size.

Post Clean Products

We have a range of specialist branded wipes, sprays & hand sanitisers to leave for ‘post clean’ desktop use.

Less Waste

Clean Desktop IT means less downtime, helps reduce staff sickness and reduces disposability – clean equipment works for longer.

Our Clients

EDF Energy
British Airways
Virgin Care
Tata Steel
Goldman Sachs
Moore Stepehens
rockstar north
hasting direct
Brittany ferries
Travis perkins
severn trent water

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