Specialist Office Computer & Electronics Cleaning

Our professional computer cleaning service is extensive enough to ensure electronic office items are indeed hygienically clean – as opposed to simply appearing shiny & clean! . ‘High traffic’ multi-user points – such as telephone handsets - need careful application of tailored detergents to ensure safe sanitising and avoiding equipment damage.

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PC cleaning for your office

IT and electronic equipment is just about the most integral hardware asset a business has. As such it is good common (and business) sense to keep these appliances clean, free from dirt & bacteria and in good working condition.

We’ll spare you the countless detailed research stats on bacteria festering on workspaces from sneezes, sandwich crumbs and the like… news networks love running these features to pad out the programme on a slow news day. Suffice to say – and take our word for it – often staff would be statistically safer from infection by eating their lunch in the toilets rather working at the desk, answering the phone and banging out emails.

In summary, everyday workplace equipment that is handled by users routinely need more than just a ‘duster & wipe down’.

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Safe cleaning of office-based equipment

The detergents we apply won’t harm the equipment or leak into the hard drives. In fact, the tailor-made products we apply actually leave behind a resin to provide on-going protection. It’s one thing for a telephone handset to look clean… it takes a little more to ensure it is clean.

All facets of office-based electronic equipment can be cleaned. Telephone handsets & headsets. The screens. The mouse & keyboard. The PC tower beneath the desk. Laptops & tablets for those staff who are on the move at times. Safe Smartphone wipes can be provided. Conference call speakers. Plus, of course, items that office workers may well use; the copier & printer (nobody wants one of these to break!)

Credit card terminals, security keypads, presentation equipment, aircon controls…even light switches. All are ‘high traffic’ multi-user points – each with an electrical connection which needs a careful application of tailored detergents to ensure safe sanitising.

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"Particularly in call centres, hotdesk areas and open plan offices – it’s sensible workplace welfare policy to ensure users are not ‘cross contaminated’ and these high-use area are routinely disinfected"

Peter - Owner of techclean South Coast


Why should Techclean visit your office?

We have been carrying out specialist IT equipment cleaning services in the workplace since 1983. Backed up by a national network of branches across the UK, we specialise in the deep cleaning of all types of electronic equipment found in an office:

  • PCs (keyboard, monitor, mouse & CPU)
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Mobile devices such as tablets and laptops
  • Scanners
  • Telephones
  • Security keypads
  • Presentation equipment

Audited work

Your tech equipment is delicately, professionally handled. We regularly audit our processes and are proud to be ISO9001:2015 and Safecontractor accredited.

Out of hours work

We can work alongside your staff during work time or attend out-of-office-hours

Report form

We provide a post-job advisory notice, highlighting any ‘need-to-knows’ we’ve discovered on site.

Account manager

You’ll have a designated on site point of contact (and off site account manager too)

Safecontractor accredited

SafeContractor accredited

All of our Operatives are trained to a very high level of competence. We are ISO9001:2015 and SafeContractor accredited and we regularly audit our processes to ensure the highest standard of work.

Our unique cleaning fluids and equipment have been developed over the last 33 years to cleanse (and then to protect) our clients’ IT equipment. We use a range of products that are specifically designed to provide customers with a high quality service.

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