Hospitality for guests, not bugs

Posted on: December 2nd 2019    •    Posted in: General News

The festive season is a busy time for everyone but the hospitality sector at this time of year is uniquely pressured. An influx of guests, extra bookings and the uplift in demand for special events and catering can mean that already hectic cleaning and sanitation routines can be stretched to the max.   When kitchens […]

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Predictability Pays Off

Posted on: November 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Anyone who ever says that predictability is boring has clearly never managed a data centre!   Comms rooms and data centres need predictability, in fact they thrive on it, and by maintaining a predicable programme of cleaning and maintenance, potential problems can often be identified before they become critical.   Not only does your data […]

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No Margin For Error

Posted on: October 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Once upon a time a company’s data was kept in physical paper archives housed in a filing cabinets or damp smelling basement rooms … it almost sounds like a fairy-tale compared to today doesn’t it?   Today, digital data is the norm and old squeaky filing drawers have been replaced with super-slick in-house servers and […]

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Are you getting your five a day this term?

Posted on: September 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

As any teacher knows, a new term means new germs! With over 8.5 million children starting or returning to school this September infections are easily spread. After a summer holiday of fresh air and outdoor life, pupils and staff are suddenly thrown back together in big groups and in a confined space–the perfect breeding ground […]

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Hygienically clean

Posted on: August 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

The provision of a clean and safe environment is the number one priority for all healthcare organisations.   Effective infection prevention and control is crucial within the healthcare sector and should be the key driver in setting up and maintaining a regular and thorough hygiene routine. Maintaining exemplary standards of hygiene helps to promote patient […]

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The Gold Standard

Posted on: July 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

There can be few industries where first impressions count more, than within the hospitality sector.   For businesses such as hotels, restaurants, catering companies and travel companies nothing short of immaculate will do, and with desktop IT often being front of house in these types of organisations, poorly maintained or dirty IT equipment can be […]

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Clean, Green, IT Machine!

Posted on: June 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Electronic rubbish and computer equipment, in particular, is one of the fastest growing sources of UK waste.   According to, the UK produces around 1 million tonnes of e-waste, as it is known, every year. Waste electrical and electronic equipment is often non-recyclable and contains potentially environmentally harmful components such as heavy metals, non-biodegradable […]

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Data Room Cleaning

[VIDEO] A handy video guide on how techclean deep cleans your comms & data rooms

Posted on: May 16th 2019    •    Posted in: Data Room Cleaning

Here’s a quick, handy video guide about how techclean goes about deep cleaning your Comms & Data Rooms…

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