Desktop IT cleaning to prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread

It’s always been the employer’s responsibility to keep the office safe. Pre-Covid cleaning was rarely seen as a safety feature. Instead it was largely about creating a pleasant and professional environment. With the widespread return of the workforce to the office since the lifting of the work from home recommendations, office cleaning is now very much also about safety.

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Desktop IT cleaning to prevent coronavirus spread

The route to peace of mind with meeting your obligations as an employer of office-based staff is to approach your cleaning as a safety solution, rather than simply keeping a smart professional office. Part of this is to take a dedicated approach to professional cleaning of desktop IT. On these plastic surfaces, such as keyboards and mice, coronavirus can survive for 2-3 days.

Just to really shock you into action: research has shown that the average desktop has a staggering 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. If you eat at your desk, you may just want to reflect on that for a moment!

It’s vital to take a professional and dedicated approach towards cleaning these high touch areas.

What does your office life look like?

It’s important to think about how you are organising a return to the office too.

With an increase in hybrid working models (where office staff work some of the week in the office and some at home), employers are understandably considering changes to desktop utilisation in the office. Hot-desking, shared work stations, and a more fluid ‘ownership’ of tech are increasing. However, with multiple individuals sharing the same equipment when coronavirus could be still on the surface for several days, this can be a new risk.

Again, dedicated tech cleaning is the solution.

Why is dedicated tech cleaning different?

At Techclean we are dedicated experts in specialised desktop IT equipment cleaning, offering a nationwide service, with nearly 40 years’ experience. We are experienced in offering dedicated and routine tech cleans in call centres and a wide range of office environments.

Our cleans aren’t your average cursory dust. Instead, they are carried out by trained tech cleaning professionals backed by Techclean ISO-certified processes and equipment, including our own detergent, Byoclean. Byoclean is the only product that has been independently tested on IT equipment in the NHS, giving you reassurance that this really is the best solution. Indeed, Byoclean’s formula, which creates a protective barrier on plastics, continues to work for days after use to kill microbes.

The HSE also asserts that mist treatments “may be suitable options to help control the spread of coronavirus and disinfecting a larger space or room.”

At Techclean we offer a certified, safe and fast dry misting service. Our specialists are licensed, trained and certified by Eco-Mist Biotechnics. This is a safe and eco-friendly solution for office disinfection and has been proven to work against viruses and bacteria such as rhinovirus, legionella and norovirus.

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