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Dust. The hidden scourge of server suites

Posted on: March 1st 2020    •    Posted in: Data Room Cleaning

Most companies these days would agree that their server is at the heart of their business. Stored on servers is the data essential to all aspects of your day to day activity. From information on sales opportunities and reports to important contracts, imagine the repercussions should something happen to destroy this data.

When you think of threats to servers the first thing on most people’s minds is viruses or cyber-attacks and considerable investment is made by businesses on software to minimise these risks.

But the greatest threat comes from a far more obvious, everyday source – dust.

Yes, dust in your server or server suite can pose the greatest danger to your equipment. Allowing dust to settle can place your entire operation in jeopardy. If dust is not regularly removed, the temperature of essential computer equipment can rise by as much as 30°F, and this temperature increase can bring about equipment failure on a large-scale. A recent study by Touche Ross shows that 90% of businesses will fail following a major server failure.

Some of the dirt and dust comes from human sources like skin particles or clothing fibres. Belt debris, created by a data centre’s cooling system, is another contaminant to consider. But 80% of the dust and the dirt that can cause the most damage in the service area enters on the soles of your employees shoes.

While general cleaning may be  done daily, general office cleaners aren’t allowed to touch computer equipment. Your server should be completely cleaned at least once every three months. Keeping your data centre clean is not only extends the life of your  equipment, but it is essential to safeguard the continuity and future success of your business.

Techclean has over 30 years’ experience of keeping data rooms clean. Our fully trained team of experts uses specialist products, equipment and procedures to deliver tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions for the cleaning of these sensitive areas. Our products include anti-static materials and Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners, all designed to help significantly reduce the level of particulates in your data room.

Call us today to learn more about our data centre cleaning services and how we can make sure that your servers remain up and running.

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