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Germs spread quickly throughout places of work. Minimise your risk of infection

Posted on: December 1st 2020    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning

‘Tis the season…to catch a cold! Germs spread quickly throughout places of work and with the added challenges presented by coronavirus, it is more important than ever to do everything we can to minimise risk of infection.

Your desktop IT equipment along with the staff who use it, are the very components that keeps your company functioning every single day. It therefore makes good business sense to keep Desktop IT clean and in good working condition.

Did you know that 36% of computer mice have never seen any kind of cleaning product?  With over 1,600 germs per square inch, it may be time to start changing your cleaning habits. Just like computer mice, keyboards are often forgotten in the cleaning routine. The average keyboard has three times more bacteria than a public toilet seat! With so many cracks and crevices for bacteria to hide, teamed with the numerous times we touch these; it is no wonder colds and flu spreads so quickly throughout the workforce.

Office cleaners are typically trained to just wipe-over the surfaces of IT equipment as cleaning sprays can damage electronics. What you need is a specialist cleaning programme; trained staff using specific products.  Happily, with Techclean this is available today, highly affordable with benefits that are both immediate and measurable.

Clean desktop IT means less breakage & downtime, helps reduce staff sickness and reduces disposability. At Techclean, we clean what your regular cleaners can’t! We use a unique range of cleaning products specially designed to keep our client’s IT equipment clean, including our own detergent product, Byoclean, which is the only product independently tested on IT equipment within the NHS. If it’s good enough for them…

Make it your New Year’s resolution to involve a regular Techclean deep clean of your office IT and communications equipment to give your staff the gift of a clean, healthy and pleasant desktop throughout 2021.

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