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Since the pandemic workplace cleaning is at the forefront of everyones minds, but don’t forget about your server room!

Posted on: March 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Data Room Cleaning

Workplace cleaning has been taken to another level since the pandemic hit us all last year. Those who have been able to continue working in an office have no doubt stepped up their game with commercial cleaning services. But who is cleaning your server room? A Dettol wipe down isn’t going to help you here. Instead, you should consider employing a cleaning company that specialises in server and data room cleaning.

For most companies, regardless of their size, the server room is the heart of their business. It’s the place where they store the data that is essential to their business. It’s a no brainer to prioritise the protection of this vital space. You can spend lots of time and money protecting access to this information with virus protection software but it’s the less obvious dangers that can cause the greatest damage.

Dust and debris naturally build up in data centres but should be kept to an absolute minimum. In the server room, you can find several different kinds of dust in a variety of sizes which have physical properties that make them harmful to servers, computers and other important electronic equipment. While cleaning visibly noticeable particles makes a data center aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t protect IT equipment from contaminants. Data center contaminants can cause corrosion damage, electrical and mechanical failure of disk and tape drives, as well as damage to circuit boards. Research has shown that if dust is not removed adequately, the temperature of essential computer equipment can rise by as much as 30°F and this temperature increase can bring about equipment failure on a large-scale. System breakdowns like these are detrimental to the effective operating of any business and can result in anything from missed emails to complete data loss!

However, all of this is preventable with efficient server room cleaning. Techclean has been carrying out specialist IT equipment cleaning services since 1983. We are the UK’s leading expert in specialist desktop IT cleaning and data centre cleaning and have developed a highly specialised and dedicated clean team to work inside data centres, large and small. Providing audited cleaning services for dust and particle decontamination (measured to ISO 14644 gradings) and deep clean solutions to servers, cabinets, racks, cabling, floors & ceilings, all our processes comply to our ISO 9001 certification. As a carbon zero company, all our detergents are sensibly sourced including anti-static materials and Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners, designed to help significantly reduce the level of particulates in your data room.

Keeping your data centre clean is not only useful to keep your equipment in operation longer, but it may also be useful in keeping your business alive. If you’re interested in learning more about our data centre cleaning services and how we can make sure that your data centre remains up and running on a consistent basis, call us today and find out how your local Techclean specialist can help.

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