Scientists unveil a new cleaning technology – Byoclean

Posted on: January 19th 2016    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

Microbiologists at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have unveiled the results of a major, eleven month clinical trial into a unique cleaning technology designed to control the spread of microbes in high risk areas.

The study compared the current ‘gold standard’ chlorine based disinfectants typically used against the effectiveness of the AzoMaxActive product range found in our Byoclean product. The eleven month results demonstrate that AzoMaxActive delivers a significant and consistent performance advantage over the previously used disinfectants.

The study was run in four wards within the Manchester Royal Infirmary and examined the total number of bacteria (total viable count) at predetermined locations within the environment. Two of the wards were cleaned with standard hypochlorite disinfectant and two with AzoMaxActive. The wards cleaned with AzoMaxActive reported a clear, consistent and significant reduction in the numbers of bacteria that were found at the various test locations thus driving down infection levels in the long term.

This unique cleaning technology is currently available from Techclean under the product name Byoclean. Remember that a number of companies may claim to have a solution to control cross contamination in the workplace, however, these techniques only work for a very short time, whereas Byoclean continues to work on any surface for days.

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