electronic devices last longer

Make your electronic devices last longer

Posted on: September 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Data Room Cleaning, PC Cleaning

It seems obvious to say that cleaner IT functions better and lasts longer. Why then, are we generating around 40 million tons of electronic waste every year, worldwide! That’s the equivalent of throwing away 800 laptops every second… Is it the need to have the newest model, be it phone or computer? Or, as a […]

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busy coworking office space

How to keep hot desking hygienic within your office environment

Posted on: August 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

Whilst the nation is getting back on its feet and people are adjusting to the new normal at work, more companies in the UK are opting to move away from traditional personal desk arrangements in favour of hot-desking. One of the main benefits that hot-desking brings to business owners is the estimated 30% that’s saved […]

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Young man sitting at desk working on computer

Organise a desktop spa day today. Clean and organise your office workspace!

Posted on: July 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

Personalised mug ✔ personalised mug filled with pens ✔ numerous files and folders strewn all over the place ✔ notepad ✔ scribbled post-it notes ✔ packet of crisps ✔ sandwich for lunch ✔ Anyone else’s desk look like this? You’re probably not alone. This is the typical working desk. According to the Workplace Organisation Survey, […]

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Closeup of telphone and desktop in an office.

Keeping your office IT equipment clean

Posted on: June 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

Ignorance is bliss – but bliss can quickly turn into downtime if you ignore dust and dirt! Cleaning your office’s IT equipment on a regular basis is something which is vital not only to the longevity and performance of the equipment, but to the wellbeing and productivity of your office employees. According to The Office for […]

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Returning to work after COVID-19

Returning to work after COVID-19: Keeping your office IT hygienic

Posted on: May 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

As businesses up and down the country prepare for a return to work, issues of office cleanliness are at the forefront of our minds. The recent pandemic has changed the way we look at the world around us and made us more conscious of transferring germs than ever. We’ve witnessed the full scale of what […]

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Hospitality for guests, not bugs

Posted on: December 2nd 2019    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

The festive season is a busy time for everyone but the hospitality sector at this time of year is uniquely pressured. An influx of guests, extra bookings and the uplift in demand for special events and catering can mean that already hectic cleaning and sanitation routines can be stretched to the max. When kitchens are […]

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