electronic devices last longer

Make your electronic devices last longer

Posted on: September 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Data Room Cleaning, PC Cleaning

It seems obvious to say that cleaner IT functions better and lasts longer. Why then, are we generating around 40 million tons of electronic waste every year, worldwide! That’s the equivalent of throwing away 800 laptops every second…

Is it the need to have the newest model, be it phone or computer? Or, as a nation that has developed a ‘throw-away’ culture, is it just easier to get rid of something the second it starts to under-perform?

How many times have you sat at your desk cursing your computer for taking its sweet time to load a document? And then screamed even louder when you’ve run your anti-virus software with no such virus to show! Often the underlying problem to a slow PC is something as simple as dust.

The build-up of dust can (and surely does) impact your computer’s performance in two main ways: it causes the components of your computer to retain heat and makes it more difficult for the internal fans to dissipate heat from the system, thereby decreasing its efficiency. Often, the easy way out when this happens is just to throw it out and replace it.

Desktop items are non – recyclable, with millions of tons being thrown away and replaced each year, contributing to 70% of overall toxic waste. But without a build-up of dust and dirt, these items would last far longer-and significantly reduce your IT replacement and waste disposal costs.

With Techclean’s help, you can be part of the solution and reduce electronic waste. As the UK’s leading specialist cleaners of desktop IT, we have been helping others to save costs AND the environment for over thirty years. All work is carried out using environmentally friendly specialist cleaning products, following the strictest social distancing procedures.

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