Schools, Colleges & Universities

PC cleaning work for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Posted on: July 15th 2016    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

Whilst many people go away for their summer holidays in August, Techclean will be busy sanitising PC’s at schools, colleges and universities across the UK. August is always an ideal opportunity for schools to have their PC’s sanitised, ready for the students return in September and we always receive a number of enquiries prior to […]

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Flu – How prepared are you?

Flu – how prepared are you?

Posted on: June 10th 2016    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

The spread of Super Bugs such as Flu virus A, MRSA and other pathogens continue to receive regular national press coverage with some experts predicting that potentially 1 in 3 of the population will catch the current flu virus this year. Should this materialise this will potentially present a major risk to you, your staff […]

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Keyboards – A Breeding Ground for Colds & Viruses

Posted on: May 19th 2016    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

With the cold and flu season upon us, the sharing of keyboards and telephones increases the risk of staff picking up germs and being off sick. One way to reduce the risk of cross contamination is to keep this equipment clean and Techclean can provide businesses with a no-obligation quotation, or even a free demonstration […]

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Scientists unveil a new cleaning technology – Byoclean

Posted on: January 19th 2016    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

Microbiologists at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have unveiled the results of a major, eleven month clinical trial into a unique cleaning technology designed to control the spread of microbes in high risk areas. The study compared the current ‘gold standard’ chlorine based disinfectants typically used against the effectiveness of the AzoMaxActive product […]

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hot desks become sick desks

Don’t let your hot desks become sick desks

Posted on: February 6th 2015    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

These days you are just as likely to find yourself sharing a work space as having one of your own. The naval term “hot racking” was coined to describe how sailors on different shifts shared the one bunk, and from this came the phrase hot-desking. Just like on bunks, humans leave a footprint of viruses […]

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