Workplace germs

Workplace germ horrors

Posted on: October 1st 2017    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

If you’re squeamish about picking up germs in communal places, stop reading now.

Research has revealed that office environments are teeming with bacteria, including strains that can make you ill. We’re not talking about the toilet door handles and flushes either. It might surprise you to learn that workplace toilets are cleaner than many desks, and far cleaner than electronic equipment such as phones, tablets and keyboards.

Consider these facts and figures – then go wash your hands and find some anti-bacterial wipes:

  • Office phones can hold more than 25,000 germs per square inch
  • The typical desktop is about 100 times germier than the average kitchen table
  • Swabs taken from electronic devices in a Which? study gathered more than 1,000 enterobacteria units on nearly a quarter of samples. A toilet seat analysed for comparison had just 10 units per swab
  • In the same study, Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause severe food poisoning, was found at high levels on three devices
  • A study by Kimberly-Clark Professional found that 27 percent of computer keyboards have high levels of bacterial contamination; half of computer mice and desk phones also had fairly high levels

It’s no wonder that colds and sickness bugs spread through the workplace so easily. While office cleaning crews give toilet facilities a good scrub every day, they only tend to give desks a cursory flick with a duster. And when was the last time you saw anyone clean the photocopier? All of these surfaces are prime agents for transferring bacteria between people.

Tests have shown that when office workers give their desks a daily clean with disinfecting wipes, bacterial levels are reduced by 99 percent. So, next time an illness is doing the rounds, take extra care to protect yourself by extending your personal hygiene to your personal workspace.

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