Flu Virus

Flu – nature’s greatest survivor

Posted on: September 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

As the long summer draws to a close and the nights begin to get longer, the sounds of the first sniffs and sneezes begin to be heard in the office.

The flu season is just around the corner, so now’s the time to take action to minimise the risk of bugs spreading throughout your workplace and reduce resulting staff absenteeism.

Research shows that the influenza virus survives for up to 48 hours on hard non-porous surfaces like keyboards, computer mice, phones and headsets.  Office cleaners are trained just to wipe the surfaces of IT and comms equipment as ordinary cleaning products can cause damage to electronics. By flicking a duster over workstations cleaners are unwittingly spreading germs from one desk to another creating the perfect environments for bugs to thrive.

Regular handwashing can help reduce the chances of catching flu or other nasty bugs spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, but the best way of all is to implement a specialist cleaning programme.

Techclean has over 40 years of experience in delivering IT equipment hygiene services. Carrying out a professional deep clean of all desktop equipment before the flu season starts will create a healthy working environment and help keep natures greatest survivor at bay.

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