Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens

Posted on: April 1st 2021    •    Posted in: General News

Bacteria. Viruses. Pathogens. It’s hard to ensure the safety of your workspace. The coronavirus has changed the meaning of cleaning and enforced a new way of working. You worry about keeping your staff and those who visit your premises safe. Maintaining exemplary standards of hygiene helps to promote staff and customer confidence and demonstrates that you […]

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Licence to Clean

Posted on: March 1st 2021    •    Posted in: General News

Workplace cleaning has been taken to another level since the pandemic hit us all last year. Those who have been able to continue working in an office have no doubt stepped up their game with commercial cleaning services. But who is cleaning your server room? A Dettol wipe down isn’t going to help you here. […]

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Ramp up Your Office IT Cleaning Regime for a Heathier, Happier Workforce

Posted on: February 1st 2021    •    Posted in: General News

The office cleaner has been and gone, so now you can relax knowing you’re walking into a spotless room in the morning – or can you?  After all, floors have been vacuumed, work surfaces polished, bins emptied – safe to say everything is done and dusted.  But what about the desktop IT equipment? Your telephone, […]

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New Year – 2021

Posted on: January 1st 2021    •    Posted in: General News

The New Year is a great excuse for a fresh start and whilst some choose to overhaul their diet, now could be the time to invest in a different kind of bootcamp – one for your workstation! As the UK’s leading expert in specialist desktop IT cleaning, Techclean has been carrying out our services since […]

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When The Cleaners Leave, Germs Stay

Posted on: December 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

‘Tis the season…to catch a cold! Germs spread quickly throughout places of work and with the added challenges presented by coronavirus, it is more important than ever to do everything we can to minimise risk of infection. Your desktop IT equipment along with the staff who use it, are the very components that keeps your […]

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Do You Know The Cost Of Not Cleaning

Posted on: November 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

Regardless of COVID-19, it remains true that a clean office is a crucial part of ensuring a healthy and more productive working environment. It’s important not to neglect the nitty gritty stuff where the real germ mongers lie – in desktop IT. Hiring professionals to tackle the job may be an extra cost but understanding […]

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