Boost workplace confidence with our new Dry Misting service

Posted on: September 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

Encouraging staff to return to their workplaces is vital to recovery for many businesses. But research shows that even with robust social distancing measures in place, workers are reluctant to leave the security of homeworking to venture into the perceive ‘risk’ posed by shared offices. So, what more can you do to demonstrate your commitment […]

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Improve longevity and reduce waste

Posted on: August 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

As the UK has officially gone into recession, finding cost savings across the board will be a priority. So how good would it be if you could save costs AND the environment at the same time? Desktop items such as phones, headsets, mice, keyboards, docking stations and laptops are non – recyclable, with thousands of […]

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Top tips to help minimise coronavirus spread in the workplace

Posted on: March 16th 2020    •    Posted in: General News

Specialist workplace and IT cleaning solutions company Techclean is reporting an unprecedented demand for its services as coronavirus continues its advance across the UK. Having now been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered a surge in bookings for Techclean’s PC and desktop cleaning services, as well as its […]

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consider workplace hygiene

It’s more important than ever to consider workplace hygiene

Posted on: February 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

It’s peak ‘lurgy’ season! With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to consider workplace hygiene. A new report from workplace absence management specialists, FirstCare, shows that workplace absence is costing the UK economy a staggering £18bn in lost productivity. With 60% of illnesses passed on in the workplace through touching keyboards and telephones, […]

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Creating a happier and healthier 2020

Creating a happier and healthier 2020

Posted on: January 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

January is traditionally the time for making – and sadly often – breaking resolutions. But when it comes to employee well-being and creating a pleasant, welcoming working environment, taking just one decision this January could set you well on the way to a happy and prosperous New Year. Because when your people feel valued and […]

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No Margin For Error

Posted on: October 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Once upon a time a company’s data was kept in physical paper archives housed in a filing cabinets or damp smelling basement rooms … it almost sounds like a fairy-tale compared to today doesn’t it? Today, digital data is the norm and old squeaky filing drawers have been replaced with super-slick in-house servers and digital […]

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