Server Invaders

Posted on: March 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Despite having the highest security around your IT – there’s one invader that you can’t keep out. One that could do more damage than even the most aggressive cyber-terrorist. We’re talking dust – the secret enemy of server rooms everywhere. Despite your best efforts, it sneaks in one tiny particle at a time and gets […]

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How many stars would you get for your workstation hygiene?

Posted on: February 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Did you know 60% of illnesses are caught in the workplace, the majority of them from dirty computer keyboards and telephones? It’s not surprising, according to a recent survey by consumer magazine Which?, they often harbour more germs than the office’s toilet seat! Food for thought isn’t it? We get it, sometimes it’s more convenient […]

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My Name is Computer and My User Hates Me

Posted on: January 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Computers have revolutionised the workplace banishing old technology like the fax, telex machines and the typing pool into the annals of business history. So why do we treat our desktop and laptop computers so badly? Whilst we love the technology that provides tech in the office and allows us to connect almost any where in […]

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Posted on: December 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

The festive season is all about giving and sharing – but the one thing that none of us wants for Christmas is a nasty cold! The most common viral infection we share with each other is technically known as Rhinovirus – rhine being of the nose and virus referring to the bugs that thrive in […]

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Dry Misting

Techclean add dry misting to our portfolio of cleaning services

Posted on: November 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

Techclean are delighted to add a new specialist cleaning service to our portfolio – Dry Misting. The company has been trained, certified and now licensed by Eco-Mist Biotechnics to safely administer the airborne disinfection solution. Safe to use, clinically prove and Eco-Friendly, the misting solution can disinfect a workspace in minutes. Eco Mist dry misting […]

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Posted on: November 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

Having a dodgy tummy is often the fake excuse used by people ringing in sick to get a day off– but if you have a genuine outbreak of gastroenteritis in the workplace the effects are very real. Also known as stomach flu, gastroenteritis can spread very quickly and knock people out for at least a […]

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Techclean will help you avoid Norovirus

Posted on: October 10th 2018    •    Posted in: General News

If you thought Norovirus was something only cruise passengers get – think again! You are just as likely to catch this nasty sickness and diarrhoea bug in your workplace as you are on the ocean wave and the effect will be just the same. So what do cruise ships and offices have in common? They […]

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Flu Virus

Flu – Nature’s greatest Survivor

Posted on: September 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

As the long summer draws to a close and the nights begin to get longer, the sounds of the first sniffs and sneezes begin to be heard in the office. The flu season is just around the corner, so now’s the time to take action to minimise the risk of bugs spreading throughout your workplace […]

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