Dry Misting

Techclean add Dry Misting to our portfolio of cleaning services

Posted on: November 1st 2018    •    Posted in: General News

Techclean are delighted to add a new specialist cleaning service to our portfolio – Dry Misting. The company has been trained, certified and now licensed by Eco-Mist Biotechnics to safely administer the airborne disinfection solution.

Safe to use, clinically prove and Eco-Friendly, the misting solution can disinfect a workspace in minutes. Eco Mist dry misting products contain zero harmful substances (such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide) and the process requires no damp/steam – which clearly will erode electronic & IT equipment.

Techclean are promoting the service to our call centre & large open plan office clients, plus we’ll be contacting those we know in the Health sector, Residential care homes, Vets & the Hospitality sector.

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