Rhinovirus – the uncommonly common cold

Posted on: December 1st 2018    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

The festive season is all about giving and sharing – but the one thing that none of us wants for Christmas is a nasty cold!

The most common viral infection we share with each other is technically known as Rhinovirus – rhine being of the nose and virus referring to the bugs that thrive in busy work place environments.

For years, scientists have tried to find that cure for the common cold, but they’ve had little success. The Rhinovirus is passed on in the form of droplets which means with every cough or sneeze, thousands of germs fly through the air ready to land on telephones, keyboards and computer mice.  Add to this a hot desking culture and you’ve got an office cold epidemic ready to happen.

Every winter millions of pounds are lost through absence caused by seasonal bugs and viruses, but there’s simple steps you can take to minimise the risk of catching the common cold.

Wash your hands often and avoid sharing phones or IT equipment wherever possible.

Simple improvements to your office cleaning regime can help too.

Office cleaners are trained to just wipe-over the surfaces of IT equipment as cleaning sprays can damage electronics. What’s needed is a specialist cleaning programme; trained staff using specific products.  Happily, with Techclean it is available today, highly affordable with benefits that are both immediate and measurable.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to involve a regular Techclean deep clean of your office IT and communications equipment to give your staff the gift of a clean and pleasant desktop throughout 2019. Not only will you boost morale you will also boost the life of the equipment too.


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