My name is computer and my user hates me

Posted on: January 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Computers have revolutionised the workplace banishing old technology like the fax, telex machines and the typing pool into the annals of business history.

So why do we treat our desktop and laptop computers so badly? Whilst we love the technology that provides tech in the office and allows us to connect almost any where in the world, if our computers had a voice, they would probably ask what they had done so wrong to deserve the treatment they get!

We eat snacks at our desks and drop crumbs into the keyboard, type with sticky fingers and occasionally spill drinks over laptops. And apart from the odd wipe with a tissue now and then when did your screen last get a proper clean?

Food particles dust and general grime not only make keyboards and laptops not very nice to use, they also shorten the life of the product. Sensitive microelectronics don’t respond favourably to being doused in human beverages, gummed up with mayo or cake crumbs.

Office cleaners are trained to just wipe-over the surfaces of IT equipment as cleaning sprays can damage electronics. What’s needed is a specialist cleaning programme; trained staff using specific products.

Show your office technology some love and improve the working environment for employees too. Contact your local Techclean specialist to find out how a regular, professional deep clean could save you money by extending the life of computer and communications equipment and reducing the number of sick days lost through colds and contact-borne viruses.


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