Server Invaders

Server Invaders

Posted on: March 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Despite having the highest security around your IT – there’s one invader that you can’t keep out. One that could do more damage than even the most aggressive cyber-terrorist.

We’re talking dust – the secret enemy of server rooms everywhere.

Despite your best efforts, it sneaks in one tiny particle at a time and gets together with millions of its mates, forming snowy blankets of grime that compromise the performance of your organisation’s most critical systems.

The systems that drive your business are designed to run clean. Dust inhibits performance by clogging cooling systems, forming insulating barriers over microelectronics and fouling contacts on circuit boards. It’s an unseen menace.

Keep IT clean and reap the rewards of better and longer performance.

Techclean are server room specialists. We know exactly how to deep clean and then maintain data rooms, comms rooms and server suites for optimum IT performance. We design programmes that minimise the dust and particulates that can seriously impair your business-critical tech, making sure that it runs cooler, runs faster and runs longer. Techclean. Extending the life, enhancing the performance and improving the hygiene of your organisation’s IT.

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