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Posted on: June 1st 2019    •    Posted in: PC Cleaning

Electronic rubbish and computer equipment, in particular, is one of the fastest growing sources of UK waste.

According to, the UK produces around 1 million tonnes of e-waste, as it is known, every year. Waste electrical and electronic equipment is often non-recyclable and contains potentially environmentally harmful components such as heavy metals, non-biodegradable plastics and battery acids.

The keyboard is the desktop IT component that is subjected to the most wear and tear. It gathers dust, dirt, food particles and germs and is often the first thing to wear out and be disposed of.

Techclean can help minimise e-waste by significantly extending the life of desktop IT, particularly the keyboard. Regular deep cleaning to remove dust and dirt and to eradicate germs should be a key part of good facilities management practice.

Techclean can carry out a thorough keyboard cleanse ensuring the circuits beneath the keys are unharmed by moisture. It also offers a range of specialist wipes, sprays and hand sanitisers, which can be company branded, for staff to use day-to-day.

Clean desktop IT means less downtime, helps reduce staff sickness and ensure equipment works better for longer, reducing waste. Servicing clients with as few as 10 workstations and as many as 2,000+, Techclean can work alongside your staff during working hours or attend during out-of-office hours.

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