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Posted on: July 1st 2019    •    Posted in: General News

There can be few industries where first impressions count more, than within the hospitality sector.

For businesses such as hotels, restaurants, catering companies and travel companies nothing short of immaculate will do, and with desktop IT often being front of house in these types of organisations, poorly maintained or dirty IT equipment can be an instant turn-off for customers.

Desktop IT is especially visible in areas such as hotel and restaurant receptions and it tends to be the back of a computer or telephone handset that can be seen by guests as they arrive – the very area that can’t be seen by the front of house staff! If a dusty computer back or greasy telephone handset is the first thing a guest sees, what impression have they already formed of the standards of hygiene elsewhere in your business?

And with many hospitality companies now using stand alone, self-service IT equipment to facilitate check-in or reservations, there’s an even greater chance that poorly maintained and dirty equipment could take the shine off the gold standard you strive for.

Employing a specialist IT cleaning company helps maintain equipment, prolonging its life and ensuring that the first impression your customers get is always flawless.

Techclean works with a range of clients across the hospitality sector that have seen the benefits that a programme of desktop IT maintenance can bring. Equipment life is extended, employee engagement is improved, and a pristine working environment will impress visitors, making them more likely to return.

Not only can Techclean help your business establish a regular routine of desktop IT cleaning and maintenance, we also offer a range of specialist sprays, wipes and sanitisers that can be used on an ongoing basis by your staff to ensure that your business always delivers a flawless first impression.

So, don’t take chances with your service standards, get in touch today to arrange a free demo and quote.






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