Creating a happier and healthier 2020

Creating a happier and healthier 2020

Posted on: January 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

January is traditionally the time for making – and sadly often – breaking resolutions.

But when it comes to employee well-being and creating a pleasant, welcoming working environment, taking just one decision this January could set you well on the way to a happy and prosperous New Year.

Because when your people feel valued and enjoy coming to work, productivity improves, staff retention rates rise and it’s easier to attract quality staff.

So, what is this one thing? A Techclean contract. Office IT equipment from computers through to screens, keyboards, laptops, mice and telephones get dusty, dirty and harbour germs.  General office cleaners are often instructed not to touch IT equipment, flapping an occasional duster over the surface at best. After a Techclean visit the whole workplace feels fresher and cleaner as the hidden dirt and dust that has built up on desktop IT and telephones has been carefully  removed using specialist, environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products leaving equipment sparkling and germ free.

Here at Techclean we have over 30 years’ experience of  deep cleaning IT equipment. We built our expertise on looking after server suites for large corporates in the days when computers needed their own sterile rooms and were operated by boffins in white coats.

Today, IT equipment is taken for granted. The computer or laptop is an everyday item and we think nothing of eating a sandwich, cakes or biscuits at our desk while we carry on typing dropping crumbs as we go. Got a cold? The germs from a sneeze or cough land directly onto keyboards, mice and telephones where they are quickly transferred to other staff members.

Employing a specialist desktop IT cleaning specialist could be your best New Year’s resolution. Providing your staff with clean IT equipment and a more hygienic working environment is not something to be sneezed at! Regular cleaning also extends the life of the equipment delivering tangible savings in replacement costs.

Talk to us about how Techclean can help you create a healthier, and happier 2020!


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