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Improve longevity and reduce waste

Posted on: August 1st 2020    •    Posted in: General News

As the UK has officially gone into recession, finding cost savings across the board will be a priority.

So how good would it be if you could save costs AND the environment at the same time?

Desktop items such as phones, headsets, mice, keyboards, docking stations and laptops are non – recyclable, with thousands of tons being thrown away and replaced each year.

But without a build up of dust and dirt these items would last far longer-and significantly reduce your IT replacement and waste disposal costs.

How? Call in desktop hygiene specialist Techclean to carry out a regular deep clean of your IT and communications equipment banishing 98% of bacteria transmitted by human hands. Companies have trusted us to clean their servers and electronic equipment for over 30 years.  All work is carried out using environmentally friendly specialist cleaning products, following the strictest social distancing procedures

And the end result?  A sparkling clean desktop for your staff, a healthier working environment, longer replacement cycles and less waste going to landfill.

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