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Keeping your office IT equipment clean

Posted on: June 1st 2021    •    Posted in: Office Cleaning, PC Cleaning

Ignorance is bliss – but bliss can quickly turn into downtime if you ignore dust and dirt!

Cleaning your office’s IT equipment on a regular basis is something which is vital not only to the longevity and performance of the equipment, but to the wellbeing and productivity of your office employees.

According to The Office for National Statistics (ONS), 11 % of workers never clean their keyboards, 20% never clean their computer mice and only 3% of offices sufficiently clean their IT equipment. This might help explain why the average workplace desk has been known to be 100x less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400x filthier than the average toilet seat!

What’s more, a staggering 545 hours of staff productivity are lost annually because of IT outages. Based on the UK’s average hourly wage of £13.75, this translates into an average of £7,235 per employee annually.

IT equipment that is looked after properly is likely to have a longer lifespan than technology which is left to gather dust and dirt which could damage its function. Not only this, but regularly tending to your equipment will give you ample opportunity to spot any damage before it is too late.

By keeping your office IT equipment clean, workplace hygiene will be improved, and, as a result workplace sickness will decrease. One of the most stressful events for any team manager is when IT infrastructure fails or key staff are unable to work due to ill health. Both lead to a significant loss in productivity.

The ONS reported workplace absences due to illness fell last year, as pandemic restrictions helped some workers dodge their colleagues’ coughs and colds. However, with many now returning to office life, it is important to do everything you can to help protect your work force. Given that microbes such as the common cold can last on computer keyboards and mice for up to 72 hours and more dangerous microbes such as MRSA can last anywhere between 6 weeks to 7 months, now might be the time to call in the experts and help keep those germs at bay.

As the UK’s leading experts in specialist desktop IT cleaning, Techclean can help keep your IT free from germs and contaminants to extend their life and protect your staff. Get in touch today and find out more about how we can support you.

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