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Posted on: February 1st 2022    •    Posted in: General News

Since Covid-19 struck, businesses approach to technology and corresponding investments have undergone a huge shift. With so much pressure on budgets, it’s more crucial than ever that existing equipment is well looked after. That’s why a professional, expert data centre cleaning programme should be an integral part of your IT strategy.

Clean equipment works better and lasts longer. You can extend the lifecycle of your biggest investment just by engaging with us to clean it properly. Data centres are critical to any business, failure to maintain them can cause lost productivity, failure of services effecting both customers and employees, and loss of revenue. According to the 2017 research report by Ponemon, the average cost of an unplanned data centre failure was an eye-watering £6,850 per minute.

Downtime is serious and often newsworthy. In recent years, several huge service providers made headlines due to data centre outages, including Google’s Cloud and Apple, showing that even the biggest names in technology aren’t immune to downtime. According to InformationWeek, one of the main reasons behind both these occurrences was poor maintenance and lifecycle strategy.

So, what’s the solution? We are! Techclean has developed a highly specialised and dedicated clean team to work inside data centres. We provide audited cleaning services for dust and particle decontamination and deep clean solutions for servers, cabinets, racks, cabling, floors, and ceilings.

We use specialist products and procedures and have created tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions for the cleaning of these sensitive areas. Our products include anti-static materials and Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners, all designed to help significantly reduce the level of particulates in your data room.

As leaders in the field of IT hygiene, we have even developed our own cleaning solution, Byoclean Antibac. Designed specifically for IT equipment, it is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses and SARS-Cov-2. It’s also non-toxic and alcohol free, making it safe to use across a wide range of environments. What’s more, Byoclean Antibac leaves surfaces bacteria and virus free for at least 30 days and will clean and disinfect in just ONE application.

If you would like to keep your data centres free from germs and contaminants, get in touch with the UK’s leading experts in specialist desktop IT cleaning, and find out more about how Techclean can support you and your data centre.


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