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Posted on: March 1st 2022    •    Posted in: General News

Data centres are critical to any business, so it’s imperative to maintain them. Failure to do so can result in the costly downtime that contaminated equipment can cause.

Simply entering a data centre can bring in contaminants through packaging, clothes, shoes and the shedding of dead skin. Such contaminates include lint, dirt, dust, and skin cells and they ALL affect electronic equipment, reducing capabilities to failure point.

Ensuring your data centre is thoroughly and regularly cleaned by a specialist, is the only real way to avoid such problems. Unfortunately, the task is past the remit of your office cleaner. It takes a dedicated data centre clean team and specialist cleaning solutions to get the job done properly.

And that’s where we can help you! Techclean provides specialist deep cleaning solutions for data rooms which include cleaning of the floor voids and floor surfaces, the cleaning of accessible surfaces such as walls, doors and ledges, and communication and equipment cabinets.

We have a dedicated data centre clean team, experienced in working inside large Co-Location centres and security sensitive sites. Our fully trained staff use specialist products, equipment and procedures and have created tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions for the cleaning of these sensitive areas. Our products include anti-static materials and hepa filtered vacuum cleaners, all designed to help significantly reduce the level of particulates in your data room.

With our help, your equipment can last longer. To reap the many benefits of having your data centre regularly cleaned, including reducing the risk of critical equipment failure, get in touch with your local Techclean specialist today for more information.

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