Help Keep Covid-19 out of the Workplace

Posted on: July 1st 2022    •    Posted in: General News

Now’s not the time to get complacent about Covid-19.

With more and more people returning to the workplace, providing a hygienic workplace environment has to be top on the list of every employer.

Individually staff may wash their hands more regularly and more thoroughly, use hand sanitiser and we can ensure surfaces are cleaned more frequently but what about desktop IT?

A cursory anti-bacterial wipe of the keyboard at the start or end of the day is better than nothing but it only touches the surface and doesn’t get to the all the germs that get under the keys. The computer mouse, screens and telephones are also high touch areas that don’t get the same level of care but harbour high levels of bacteria.

With sick absence levels in the UK at the highest since 2010 (Office for National Statistics report: Sickness absence in the UK Labour Market 2021) losing valuable members of staff through illness costs your business money.

Techclean recommends a regular deep clean of your workstation to bring everything up to the highest standard and ensure bugs aren’t left unchecked. There’s no contract need – just call in the experts when you need us. Want to find out more? Call us on 01530 513305 to see how we can help you in the continued battle against Covid-19.

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